4 Major Dangers Of Belly Fat & How To Reduce It

Firstly, you need to know that age plays a big role in making your tummy pop-out but if you decide to do nothing about it, here are 4 dangers (out of a long list) you may be putting yourself at risk to:

  1. Heart Disease – According to a study by European Society of Cardiology, it was found that individuals with excess tummy fat were more prone to developing heart disease. It also went out to prove that individuals who had a larger waistline accompanied by unhealthy lifestyles/habits had uncontrollable blood pressure that increased their risks of developing diabetes.
  2. Type II Diabetes – According to a study by the University of Oxford, excessive belly fat causes type 2 diabetes.
  3. Difficulty in breathing Belly fat can also lead to difficulty in breathing or breathing insufficiency that can lead to the death of the person. This is why most big belly persons snore while sleeping.
  4. Cancer – According to a study by a group of doctors at Michigan State University, more belly fat increased risks of getting cancer. The researchers figured out that non-cancerous cells could turn out to be tumours and this is caused by a fat protein that has its existence in one’s belly.

What You Must Do To Burn Belly Fat

Here is what you must do in order to burn belly fat and stay fit.

  1. Aerobic Exercise – Like swimming, jogging, walking, cycling, boxing and rowing.
  2. Strength Training Exercise – Like situps, push-ups, weight lifting etc
  3. Healthy Lifestyle – Like avoiding fatty food, soda etc and replace with yoghurt, green tea, banana, avocado etc
  4. High Protein Dieting – Involve taking foods that contain high amounts of proteins like eggs, yoghurt, cheese, milk etc.


Doing all these will guarantee you melting belly fat and avoiding the health dangers but combining work, events of life and keeping up with all this can be very difficult and tiring.


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