57 Years Old Nigerian Man Exposes The Reason Why His Wife Divorced Him For A Younger Man & What He Did To Get A New, Younger Wife...

A Nigerian man by Name Tolu Onipede who recently got married to his hot – new, young, pretty wife was approached by a popular news correspondence and the following conversation took place

InterviewerMr Tolu, you are 57 years and just getting married, why is that so?

Mr Tolu – (He smiles before he answers) It’s true that i am 57years but this is not my first marriage. I got married to my first wife at the age of 29 and we had 2 children but along the line things began to change in my sexual life and it affected the marriage which ended up crashing.


InterviewerOh If you don’t mind, can you just briefly tell us what happened that led to the separation?

Mr Tolu – Ok. I usually shy away from this discussion but I will just say it once and I hope that will be enough. You see, before I married my wife I used to have sex with her for up to 3-4 rounds with plenty of energy and it was fun even when we got married. Later on, maybe due to my job or maybe my age and drinking lifestyle started affecting my sexual life


I was no longer able to have sex with my woman for up to 15 minutes before releasing, my sperm was no longer thick – it was watery. The worst part was that keeping a strong erection became a very big challenge for me. So I went to see the family doctor and he advised me on a healthy lifestyle (of which I did by quitting alcohol) but unfortunately, things didn’t change

I started feeling low on confidence, I could not have an argument with my wife without her rubbing it in my face that I was a weak man. She’ll call me funny names that didn’t go well with me and I would be praying that God came to my rescue


Now, here is the painful thing…


During this whole period I was always trying to please my wife at all cost by giving her everything she wanted and before we even separated I bought her a Lexus salon car which I collected from her when she was leaving – yet she disappointed me


(He tries to hold himself from shedding a tear)


It is really painful when people begin to tell you about the places they see your wife and you still try to defend your wife not knowing that she’s actually betraying you. All along, I was getting heads up about my wife cheating on me with younger men but i threw all such information away until i noticed she stopped asking me for sex and… whenever i try to touch she turns me down till I discovered something that shocked me to the bone


On that fateful day, I was at work when an anonymous person called me to come home & see my wife (the person actually told me not to call my wife at all). So I drove to my neighbourhood and parked my car a few distance away and tiptoed into our apartment and then to the bedroom…and there she was in our matrimonial bed with her lover


That didn’t pain me as much as what she did afterwards.. rather than being repentant, my wife took to bragging. She went as far as telling me to sue her to court if I wasn’t pleased with what I saw


Initially, I decided against this for the sake of our children who were still young and who I knew would be affected the most by a rash decision. I stopped having sex with her after this incident and told my parents about it but warned them to keep it a secret


I acted like everything was normal in front of my kids until I noticed my wife started patronising prayer and spiritual houses in order to destroy me – and that was when I took matters to court and today it is a painful history


InterviewerThis is so touching, So how did your children and family handle the separation?


Mr Tolu – I explained everything to them and promised to be the best father for my children and best son for my family. Thank God they helped me get through to where i am today

InterviewerBut Sir, how has your sexual life been with your new, young wife?

Mr Tolu – I knew this question would come up. Here is the truth, few months after my separation with my ex-wife I was introduced to a NAFDAC approved herbal remedy by a friend in Ondo State that helped to give strength & vitality to sexually satisfy a man & his partner, improve the erection of a man’s manhood, correct erectile dysfunction and stop quick ejaculation.

And honestly, since I used the product I have never gone less than 25 minutes in bed and it actually surprises my new wife how I get such energy (laughs)

InterviewerSir what product did you use?

Mr Tolu – Aha, Let me use the opportunity to tell your followers that the herbal remedy I used is Jalin Herbal Mixture and you can reach them on (scrolls through his phone) 08120108968

Let me also add that It is very effective and since I used it I have never noticed any harmful side effects like those pills and sprays that they sell everywhere. I also showed an old friend that was suffering from a similar challenge and he used it too without any side effects… so I can attest to effectiveness of the product

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