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What defines a real man is not just the amount of money in his bank account, but also the ability to satisfy his partner well in bed.

Lets be honest, A man not being able to meet this obligation can lead to problems in the relationship, like losing his respect, self confidence and worst off – losing madam to another man.

This is why some Asian Scientists took upon themselves to find a solution – which led to the formulation of this herbal product called the X-Power Coffee to help put a permanent end to this issue and help men get back their spark inside-out

To be honest, this stuff works…

No matter how long you have been battling with this wahala or how severe it is or how many product you have tried in the past.

Whether you find it hard to get that early morning erection, or always have loss of appetite when its time to do or your little man sleep off during or before the match begins, this product is the perfect solution.


I started having sexual dysfunctions after I treated an infection 4 years ago. And since then, I suffered an embarrassing loss of my sexual abilities. I won’t lie, I disobeyed the instructions that came with the tea. I drink it more than once a day (probably because I was desperate) but It’s been 4 months now and I’ve been completely free from sexual wahala. I perform like a porn star now

I usually release within 30 seconds after penetration. I was not 100% sure when i bought this product. But after i tried it for the first time, i took more than 45 minutes to ejaculate .. I kept using it for 2 weeks, and now I can keep going for more than 2 hours

You’ve sure injected some outrageous passion to our love life! I found it hard to admit but I was slacking in the bedroom. I’m a guy who only ever listens to his doctor but I have to admit, my doc’s advice wasn’t working. I could only stay hard for a few minutes max. Since Angela came home and started mixing me those Teas you gave her, my erections have ballooned in size and stay rock hard for at least 30 minutes. Each time we make love I feel like my erections get harder and last longer! And Angela can’t get enough of me. Seems like this is finally the missing piece of the erection puzzle I couldn’t solve!

THANKS for that insane Coffee that jumpstarted my husband’s erections! I got Adamu drinking the tea 2 days ago. At first, he was reluctant and super skeptical but he finally agreed to try for just one week. Well, let me tell you , we didn’t need to wait that long. Yesterday evening he jumped on me as soon as I got home and his erection felt thicker and harder than I’ve ever known. He lasts for a good 55 minutes and his performance is now much better than when he took those drugs prescribed by his doctor that gave him vision problems. It’s amazing and I am so grateful to you for sharing. Our lives have been transformed!

I have to admit that I didn’t think this would help me. Tried taking antidepressants to delay ejaculation, even though recommended by the doctor, nothing worked. I decided to give this tea a try. It makes you last very long. The first round of sex lasted about 40 minutes. After a few minutes went for a second round and my girlfriend ended up asking me to stop because I was taking way too long to ejaculate, I was amazed by it, went from lasting seconds to her asking me to stop.

See, I become very aroused with just thinking of touching my wife. I precum during foreplay and once we start intercourse, I’m very quick to ejaculate. I do ejaculate more than once during intercourse, but with man power herbal tea, I last as long as I want and finish with a massive orgasm at the end. My wife actually commented that she loved how long I’ve been lasting between orgasms and I kid you not, she squirted multiple times, I was in shock. Sorry my testimonial was graphic but it’s a sex product and I like it.



The Powerful X-Power Coffee


Made From Natural Ingredients

Unlike other similar product that are made with harmful chemicals, this product is made from some rare Asian herbs (lotus leaf extract, guarana extract, senna leaf extract etc) which makes it the safest product out there without any side effects.

You Get A Long-Lasting Result

This product offers permanent solution and not temporary. Other similar products will continue to drain your money every month, but when you buy this product, it solves all the brouhaha once and for all: even the enlargement of the penis is permanent

Fast Result Within 7 Days

You will not have to wait for 30days to see result. You will start seeing result as fast as the same day of using Man Power Herbal Tea

Works For All Erectile Dysfunction Wahala

This Herbal Cure revives the sleeping little man under no matter how long it has been sleeping, puts you in the mood everytime and boost energy.


Test Package


GHC 180

Deluxe Package


GHC 300

Premium Package


GHC 500

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Waking up with the biggest, hardest erection you’ve had in the last 10 years

The alpha male dominant feeling you’ll get when you know you can out-perform any other dude around (especially those young guys)

Watching your wife or girlfriend spasm in ecstasy as she climaxes intensely, over and over again, all thanks to you

The doting look on her face as you catch her admiring you after you’ve given her yet another night of endless and mind-blowing passionate sex

The amazing improvement in your self-worth, your confidence and your family life

What is it worth to you to feel this manly, confident and sexually youthful?

To never have to worry again if you’ll get hard tonight or that you’ll lose your wood after a few minutes?

Picture yourself in a few days’ time when you’ve got your super hard, big erection back.

Other men will be envious as word of your incredible performances gets out among their wives…

And think of all the money you’ll save when you don’t need to hand over your hard-earned cash for fake pharma pills anymore…

What will you do with all that money?

These are the  thoughts on my mind as I write this letter to you

Which is why when we started, men asked me if they could pay as much as 200k to fix their erections….

After all, it’s what you’d pay for a few months of artificial ED pills and one fourth the cost of a single testosterone injection…

But I’m not some faceless corporation trying to extract money out of guys who are having a tough time with ED…

I’m a real guy who’s been through ED hell just like you and millions of other men…and we guys need to stick together

What If This Doesn't Work For You?

We understand how difficult it is for you to buy items online but based on feedbacks from over 1,412 Men, this product works. 

But just to show you how confident we are in our product and how committed we are to your health, here is our “No Bullshit” Guarantee…

Here's Our 'Unconditional' 30-Days Guaranty!

For 30 days you can get a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with the potent, hard-rock erections you’ll be enjoying.

Heck, you can get every cents back even if you change your mind and decide you want to become a reverend father.

You get your hard erections back for good or you pay nothing.

I’m pretty sure big pharma don’t offer a refund or a trial period when they give you a migraine and heart palpitations with their pills – I’m pretty sure they keep every kobo in their pockets, even when their pills do nothing for you.

Test drive this penis-hardening coffee for a full 1 month and if you don’get results, we will refund you without terms and conditions.

To Make It An Easy Choice For You, Here Is The Bonuses You Will Be Getting..

-FREE Shipping (worth GHC 35)

-FREE Consultation (worth GHC 75)

NOTE: We are currently the only company distributing the ORIGINAL X-Power Herbal Coffee in Nigeria, Ghana, and Benin Republic and we have maintained the integrity our brand since 2001 by selling only original products made from the finest herbs.

These herbs are rare and often hard to source, hence we cannot sell it dirt cheap. We prefer to stick with quality than sell cheap products that don’t work.

Our product is not for everyone. Not every man will become real men who are confident in bed. Some will live out their days partially/completely impotent. It’s a matter of choice not compulsion.

We get what we choose in life.

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